What a time to be alive! Seasonally, everything seems within reach. Having an African woman represent the Universe (that means you too, Mars) is a euphoric reality breaking from the nightmare of marginilization. Little girls just like her could be proud to call themselves princesses because their queen, Miss Zozibini Tunzi, reigned from a seat of infinate prospects. Events took a subsequent detour. Numerous posts fixated about what’s on her head more than what’s in it. The fact that Miss Universe has short, natural hair should not be the focal point; though it can be an entry way to more meangingful, progressive conversation. In Zozibini’s own words, “It wasn’t a strategy. I was just being myself.” Our attention should be on the how we now have someone who undertsands us speak for us in places of executorship. She has been given a seat amongst powerful people to interprit the space she so rightfully stated should be occupied. Her passions can now be on political agendas. Women were (and sadly still are) considered obtrusive for wanting to step into certain shoes when their designation is barefoot in the kitchen. Years ago, our ancestors were screaming out against such things. They risked it all to be heard. To have their opinions matter. Today, those cries echo in us.

An ECHO is manifest when winds of change blow.

According to studies,”Sound waves can be ysed to leviate and move objects,” they “exert pressure when they hit a surface, the effects are usually too small to notice. But if the intensity is cranked up high enough, soubd has the ability to counteract the effects of gravity.” Our voice is a powerful weapon. Not just in speech; its in actions, small victories, significant accomplishments, breakthroughs, sacrifice, tenacity, defying norms, disrupting culture or being bold enough to chase the dream seared into your heart. When one wakes up and chooses to look at life through their gift, the impossible is created. Because context is purpose, not labels. This will be the pitch that shatters convention. One step, leap or earthquake at a time. What has been put out shall reverb for generations to come. We are both recepients and contributors to new sound ringing in the ear of re-written destiny.

“I strained in the silence.

Maybe there is no victory amongst mountains.

Until it echoed.”

Let 2020 be your year of echoes.

Blessings and love

Published by philemonpie

I am a wife, blogger, writer and creative who tried to have it all figured out. Then I realized the fun is in learning

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