The Other Three Letter Word

A couple of days into the New Year and we all have our minds hovering on formulaic resolutions. The response is typically an affirmation of the items on an ambitious check list. Instead of merely saying ‘YES!’ start to ask ‘WHY?’

WHY do I need a better body / car / house / promotion / business / social media following?

WHY am I so drawn to a career or calling?

WHY am I still in this relationship?

WHY do I entertain certain habits?

WHY 2020 and not other years?

Self-evaluation will sift all the frills out and leave you with the meat of the matter. Getting older has taught me to be wiser with my energy. I’ve realized that I don’t want to spend my entire life pouring out into an abyss of unproductive enthusiasm. I’d genuinely like to look forward to a day where I can sit back and enjoy sacrificial fruition. Remember the “hairy potato” science experiment from school where you put seeds in cotton wool, water it, place in a controlled environment and expose the project to sunlight? Days later, roots pop out and even a little greenage if you’ve been very vigilant. As much as the cotton wool was condusive for some kind of sprouting, it could never accomodate the seed turning into a potato. Only soil can do that. I wonder which things have allowed me to advance but not fully develop. It’s easy to spot the cycles that kill us and avoid them. On the launchpad of possibilities, here’s how to begin identifying hairy potatoes.

Does what you seek, in its most advanced state, lead to germination?

Success is not the entrance to a private suite. It is a revolving door that spins towards access. You walk through and leave it open for others to follow. Impartation can be achieved at every level of your progress. We all may not have the same destination but our points of intersection can prove valuable in contributing towards each journey.

Does what you do satisfy you or feed you?

I love a good oreo Mcflurry. After a hectic schedule, or random craving, it really hits the spot. I can’t live off it though. Kale would be a better choice and I make it because my body requires nourishment more than lip smacking ice cream treats. Prioritize sustaining your purpose even when it doesn’t bring instant pleasure.

Is the exposure controlled?

When I started in the film / media industry, personally, Cape Town was not the place for building myself. Having studied Film Production there and after doing a few gigs, the way things were set up, I concluded that it’ll take twice the amount of time it should before I could crawl out of the lower level ranks. So, I found myself in Port Elizabeth. The industry wasn’t nearly as developed or lucrative yet dynamics meant certain positions were within reach. I got my first Directing and Executive Producing break. In due time, I discovered new talents and began to push towards greater goals. Cape Town, would have no doubt quickly exposed me to a lot of glitzy, big budget, star-powered productions. However, my role would have been subject to one perceived skill set on someone else’s coat tail. Port Elizabeth, on the other hand has brought out the dynamic creative in me on campaigns I’ve lead. My roots run deep enough to tap into the waters of international collaborations. We all have vision. What you see determines where you’ll be.

“Millions saw the apple fall but Newton was the only one to ask WHY”

Bernard Batuch

The other three letter word is just as important. Use it!

Blessings and love

Published by philemonpie

I am a wife, blogger, writer and creative who tried to have it all figured out. Then I realized the fun is in learning

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